martes, noviembre 01, 2011

Hoy en el London Bridge

Today in London Bridge

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2011

Hoy un curdela en un pub de London Bridge, mirándome la barba me dijo "¡Eh!... te parecés a Walt Whitman!" y yo lo sorprendí recitándole los versos iniciales de "Canto a mí mismo".

Today a drunken man in a pub in London Bridge made a comment about my beard. I surprised him reciting the first few lines of "Song to myself".

Billie Holiday and her Orchestra
Me, myself and I (1937)
Columbia CL637

Billie Holiday and her Orchestra: Billie Holiday (vcl) Buck Clayton (tp) Edmond Hall (cl) Lester Young (ts) James Sherman (p) Freddy Green (g) Walter Page (b) Jo Jones (d). New York, June 15, 1937

3 comentarios:

dodo dijo...

And excellent song choice too.

Paul Sørensen dijo...

Brilliant! There should be more of these observations shared in pubs. I need to start drinking in better places.

pandave dijo...

How excellent! I am looking at the picture and I can hear the whole thing in my head!