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Sharkey and his Sharks of Rhythm
Big boy blue (1937)
Vocalion 3450

Sharkey and his Sharks of Rhythm: Sharkey Bonano (tp,vcl) George Brunies (tb) Joe Marsala (cl) Joe Bushkin (p) Eddie Condon (g) Hank Wayland (b) Al Sidell (d). New York, January 29, 1937

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Matthew Cruickshank dijo...

Is this the exact shark used in Jaws, your favourite ever film for "shot" dialogue?

I always admire your thought process in suspending objects within an illustration. By taking objects out of context I feel a completely different set of emotions.

You're always making me think about subjects differently when I approach them. I never really did that before I met you. Now I tend to think "what else can it be" or "how can I push this image further" when I start a drawing. By the way I don't compare myself to you, but after many years I'm beginning to understand what an illustration can achieve.

Thank you for always being there for me and adding to the labyrinth of possibilities. Without you my life would be very boring.


Oscar Grillo dijo...

Thanks for your kind words, Dear Crookie.

Next week I will start making pictures upside down like Georg Baselitz.

Matthew Cruickshank dijo...

In Australia?

Oscar Grillo dijo...

No. In New Zealand.

Gustavo dijo...

El tiburón se está riendo porque el payaso le contó un chiste de Juan Verdaguer.
Así cualquiera...

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Yo creia que era un chiste de Marrone, del disco "El Verdone de Marrone". (Todavia lo podes conseguir en E-Bay!)