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Not I

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"Not I" (No a mi) de Samuel Beckett.
"... Su reacción inicial al acontecimiento paralizador debe asumir que está siendo castigada por Dios, pero encuentra que no sufre; no siente ningún dolor, como en la vida no sintió ningún placer. No puede entender por qué podría estar siendo castigada, pero acepta que Dios no necesita “ninguna razón particular” para hacer lo que hace. Piensa que tiene algo para contar aunque no sepa que pero cree que si narra los acontecimientos de su vida encontrara esa cosa por la cual tiene que conseguir el perdón..."

"Not I" by Samuel Beckett.
"Not I" tells the story of a woman of about seventy who having been abandoned by her parents after a premature birth has lived a loveless, mechanical existence and who appears to have suffered an unspecified traumatic experience. The woman has been virtually mute since childhood apart from occasional outbursts, one of which comprises the text we hear. From the text it could be inferred that the woman had been raped but this is something Beckett was very clear about when asked: “How could you think of such a thing! No, no, not at all – it wasn’t that at all". It seems more likely that she has suffered some kind of collapse, possibly even her death while “wandering in a field … looking aimlessly for cowslips.”
The woman relates four incidents from her life: lying face down in the grass, standing in a supermarket, sitting on a “mound in Croker's Acre” (a real place in Ireland near Leopardstown racecourse) and “that time at court”, each being preceded by a repeat on the repressed first ‘scene’ which has been likened to an epiphany; whatever happened to her in that field in April was the trigger for her to start talking.
Her initial reaction to the paralysing event is to assume she is being punished by God but finds she is not suffering; she feels no pain, as in life she felt no pleasure. She cannot think why she might be being punished but accepts that God does not need a “particular reason” for what He does. She thinks she has something to tell though doesn’t know what but believes if she goes over the events of her life for long enough she will stumble upon that thing for which she needs to seek forgiveness. In addition to the continued buzzing in her skull there is now a light of varying intensity tormenting her; the two seem related.
(From Wikipedia).
The Thelonious Monk Quartet feat. John Coltrane
Crepuscule with Nellie (1958)
Blue Note CDP7.99786-2

The Thelonious Monk Quartet feat. John Coltrane: John Coltrane (ts) Thelonious Monk (p) Ahmed Abdul-Malik (b) Roy Haynes (d). Live, "Five Spot Café", New York, September 11, 1958

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Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra
Broadway (1927)
Victor 20874

Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra: Henry Busse (tp) Tommy Dorsey (tp,tb) Wilbur Hall (tb,g) Jack Fulton (tb,vcl) Chester Hazlett, Max Farley, Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as) Charles Strickfaden (as,bar) Matt Malneck (vln,viola,arr) Harry Perrella (p) Mike Pingitore (bj) Al Armer (b) Harold MacDonald (d) Paul Whiteman (dir). Camden, N.J., August 16, 1927



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Amancio Estigarribia

Tránsito Cocomarola
Kilómetro 11
(¡video altamente recomendable! - Highly recommended video!)

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Obra de arte

Work of art

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Lulú, la nieta de Oscar, sigue los pasos del abuelo inaugurando un mural en las paredes del corredor de su casa. Cosa que le ha valido un regio levante de parte de sus padres.

Lulu, Oscar's grandaughter has created a wonderful mural in a corridor of the house. Her parents, like Queen Victoria, were not amused.

Fats Waller and his Rhythm
Lulu's back in town (1935)
Victor 25063

Fats Waller and his Rhythm: Herman Autrey (tp) Rudy Powell (cl) Fats Waller (p,vcl) Al Casey (g) Charles Turner (b) Harry Dial (d). New York, May 8, 1935

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Los caballeros las prefieren rubias

Marilyn Monroe
Diamonds are a girl's best friend (1953)
MGM 30784

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The drama of comedy

Charles Mingus
The Clown (1957)
Atl LP1260

Jimmy Knepper (tb) Shafi Hadi (real name Curtis Porter)(ts) Wade Legge (p) Charles Mingus (b) Dannie Richmond (d,tamb) Jean Shepherd (nar). New York, February 13, 1957

viernes, septiembre 24, 2010

Masacrando caracoles

Killing snails

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Música para masacrar caracoles - Las sagradas flautas del Tibet

Ray Anthony and his Orchestra
Slaughter on 10th Avenue (1952)
Capitol 7-2085

Ray Anthony and his Orchestra: Ray Anthony, Martin White, Knobby Lee, Dean Henkle, Bruce Bruckert, Jack Laubach (tp) Keith Butterfield, Ken Trimble, Dick Reynolds, Tom Oblak (tb) Earl Bergman, Bob Hardaway, Jim Schneider, Bill Usselton, Leo Anthony (saxes) Fred Savarese (p) Daniel Greegus (g) Bill Cronk (b) Archie Freeman (d). Los Angeles, April 16, 1952

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Mirame los molares, Rosetta

Frankie Laine
Rosetta (1948)
Mercury 5227

Frankie Laine (vcl) with unknown acc. New York or Los Angeles, 1948

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Roll along

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Roll along, prairie moon

Smith Ballew and his Orchestra
Roll along, prairie moon (1935)
Melotone 351006

Bonus Track:
Jimmie Rodgers
Roll along Kentucky moon (1932)
Bluebird 5082

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Erskine Hawkins and his Orchestra
So long, shorty (1941)
Bluebird Bl1485

Erskine Hawkins and his Orchestra: Erskine Hawkins, James Harris, Marcellus Green (tp) Sam Lowe (tp,arr) Edward Sims, Robert Range (tb) William Johnson (as,arr) Jimmy Mitchelle (as) Paul Bascomb (ts) Haywood Henry (bar) Avery Parrish (p) William McLemore (g) Leemie Stanfield (b) James Morrison (d) Ida James (vcl). New York, May 27, 1941

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Música Sacra

Sacred Music

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Alabama Sacred Harp Singers
Present Joys (1928)
Columbia 15274 D

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Lonnie Donegan
Rock Island line (1954)
Decca (E)F10647

Lonnie Donegan (g,vcl) Chris Barber (b) Beryl Bryden (wbd). London, July 13, 1954

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Matungo Farias Gomez
The High Heeled Gaucho
Songs For Dying of Boredom
Folklore from the countryside and other shit

(Matungo is a gaucho slang word for old horse)

I fell head over heels in love
Harmony 540-H

viernes, septiembre 17, 2010

Blues para el Papa

Blues for the Pope

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George Wettling and his Rhythm Kings
Blues for Stu (1944)
Commodore 619

George Wettling and his Rhythm Kings: Billy Butterfield (tp) Wilbur de Paris (tb) Edmond Hall (cl) Dave Bowman (p) Bob Haggart (b) George Wettling (d). New York, July 21, 1944

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Music For Contrite Führers

Música Para Führers Arrepentidos

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Spike Jones And City Slickers
Der Fuehrer's face (1942)
Bluebird 11586A

Spike Jones And City Slickers: Bruce Hudson (tp) Del Porter (cl) King Jackson (tb) Frank Leithner (p) Luther Roundtree (g) Country Washburne (b) Spike Jones (d) Willie Spicer (perc) Carl Grayson (vcl). New York, July 28, 1942.

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Varias personas me escribieron para decirme que el dibujo que mande hoy podría ser para una tapa de disco. Aquí va una propuesta visual.

Victor Sylvester Orchestra
I once had a heart, Margarita [Tango]
Decca 2908B


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Meade Lux Lewis
Melancholy (1940)
Blue Note 1

Meade Lux Lewis (p) solo. New York, January 6, 1939

martes, septiembre 14, 2010



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Artie Shaw and his Orchestra
Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive (1944)
Victor 20-1612

Artie Shaw and his Orchestra: Roy Eldridge, Ray Linn, Tony Faso, George Schwartz (tp) Ray Conniff (tb,arr) Harry Rodgers, Pat McNaughton, Chuck Coolidge (Skip Morr)(tb) Artie Shaw (cl,arr) Les Clarke (Les Goldberg) (as) Tom Mace (as) Jon Walton, Herbie Steward (ts) Chuck Gentry (bar) Dodo Marmarosa (p) Barney Kessel (g) Morris Rayman (b) Louis Fromm (d) Imogene Lynn (vcl). Hollywood, November 23, 1944.

lunes, septiembre 13, 2010

En una celda oscura del presidio lejano


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Doing porridge (In the hoosegow)

Bessie Smith
Send me to the 'lectric chair (1927)
Columbia 14209-D

Bessie Smith (vcl) acc by her Blue Boys: Joe Smith (cnt) Charlie Green (tb) Fletcher Henderson (p). New York, March 3, 1927

domingo, septiembre 12, 2010


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Gato en líneas / Cat in lines

Benny Goodman Sextet
Wholly cats (1940)
Columbia 35810

Benny Goodman Sextet: Cootie Williams (tp) Benny Goodman (cl) Georgie Auld (ts) Count Basie (p) Charlie Christian (el-g) Artie Bernstein (b) Harry Jaeger (d). New York, November 7, 1940

sábado, septiembre 11, 2010

La muchacha del circo

Circus girl

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Arthur Collins and Byron Harlan
Oh! You Circus Day (1912)
Columbia 1187

viernes, septiembre 10, 2010

Por la vereda soleada

The sunny side of the street

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Harry Richman and his Orchestra
On the sunny side of the street (1930)
Brunswick 4747

Harry Richman and his Orchestra: no details except for Harry Richman (vcl). New York, May 1930

jueves, septiembre 09, 2010

La vereda tropical

Tropical sidewalk

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Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra
The sidewalks of New York (1928)
Victor 21493

miércoles, septiembre 08, 2010


Li'l angel

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Mae West
I'm no angel (1933)
Brunswick 6675

martes, septiembre 07, 2010


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Hackberry Ramblers
Cajun Crawl (1937)
Bluebird 2013

lunes, septiembre 06, 2010


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Lovie Austin and her Serenaders
Frog tongue stomp (1926)
Paramount 1236

Lovie Austin and her Serenaders: Lee Collins or Natty Dominique (cnt) Kid Ory (tb) Johnny Dodds (cl) Lovie Austin [prob. Lil Hardin !] (p) Johnny St. Cyr (bj) W.E. Burton (d). Chicago, April 1926

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Eddie Lang
Perfect (1927)
Okeh 40936

Eddie Lang (g) acc by Frank Signorelli (p). New York, October 21, 1927

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The Barracas' affair

La cosa fue por Barracas

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Fats Waller and his Rhythmn
A hopeless love affair (1937)
Victor 25689

Fats Waller and his Rhythmn: Herman Autrey (tp) Gene Sedric (cl,as) Fats Waller (p,vcl) Al Casey (g) Charles Turner (b) Slick Jones (d,vib). New York, October 7, 1937

viernes, septiembre 03, 2010

Al caer la tarde en el pantano

Early evening in the swamp

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Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra
Swampy river (1932)
Brunswick 6335

Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra: Arthur Whetsol, Cootie Williams, Freddy Jenkins (tp) Joe Nanton, Lawrence Brown (tb) Juan Tizol (v-tb) Johnny Hodges (cl,as,sop) Otto Hardwick (as,bassax) Barney Bigard (cl,as) Harry Carney (bar,cl,as) Duke Ellington (p) Fred Guy (bj,g) Wellman Braud (b) Sonny Greer (d). New York, May 17, 1932

jueves, septiembre 02, 2010


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Vess Ossman
Ragtime medley (1897)
Berliner 467

Vess Ossman (bj) acc by Fred Gaisberg (p). New York, October 9, 1897

miércoles, septiembre 01, 2010


Caderas de serpiente

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Mills Blue Rhythm Band
Snake hips (1931)
Brunswick 6199

Mills Blue Rhythm Band: Wardell Jones, Shelton Hemphill, Eddie Anderson (tp) Harry White, Henry Hicks (tb) Crawford Wethington (cl,as,bar) Ted McCord, Castor McCord (cl,ts) Edgar Hayes (p,arr) Benny James (bj) Hayes Alvis (b) Willie Lynch (d) Dick Robertson (vcl). New York, July 31, 1931