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El origen de las especias

The origin of the spices (Yes, spices!)

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Thelonious Monk
Functional [take 2] (1957)
Riverside RLP12-235

Thelonious Monk (p). New York, April 12, 1957

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Lee Marvin Newland dijo...


Still having a problem on my $2000 computer accessing your music on this site. I will now cue up my own recording of Thelonious and gaze at your fine drawing of Latinos.

Lee Marvin Neewland

Oscar Grillo dijo...

The Italian word Lazio descends from the Latin word Latium. The name of the region also survives in the tribal designation of the ancient population of Latins, Latini in the Latin language spoken by them and passed on to the city-state of Ancient Rome. Although the demography of ancient Rome was multi-ethnic, including, for example, Etruscans and other Italics besides the Latini, the latter were the dominant constituent. In Roman mythology, the tribe of the Latini took their name from king Latinus. Apart from the mythical derivation of Latium given by the ancients as the place where Jupiter "lay hid" from his father seeking to kill him, a major modern etymology is that Latium comes from the Latin word "latus", meaning "wide", expressing the idea of "flat land" meaning the Roman Campagna. Much of Latium is in fact flat or rolling. The lands originally inhabited by the Latini were extended into the territories of the Samnites, the Marsi, the Hernici, the Aequi, the Aurunci and the Volsci, all surrounding Italic tribes. This larger territory was still called Latium, but it was divided into Latium adiectum or Latium Novum, the added lands or New Latium, and Latium Vetus, or Old Latium, the older, smaller region.

Anónimo dijo...

Y de las especias. No sea machista, Grillo.

Gustavo dijo...

Y respete mis deseos de comentar anónimamente.

Oscar Grillo dijo...

A mi me gustan los anonimos firmados y confirmados, Gustavo. Y las anonimas tambien.

Lee Marvin Newland dijo...


OK, perhaps just the dog is a Latino.

Lee Marvin Newland

Oscar Grillo dijo...

I don't think so. Looks like a daschund to me.