miércoles, agosto 12, 2009

Albatrossa Capobianco

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Albatrossa Capobianco y su voiture (Ah..., ¡¡Estar en un agujero!!)
Albatrossa Capobianco & Her Voiture (Oh..., To be in a hole!!)

Red Norvo
Hole in the wall (1933)
Brunswick 6562

Red Norvo (xyl,mar) acc by Jimmy Dorsey (cl) Fulton McGrath (p) Dick McDonough (g) Artie Bernstein (b). New York, April 8, 1933

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dodo dijo...

Every time i drive to Corinth, i wonder about the owner of that big house overlooking the highway, close to the sea: it's painted pink and white and i can see two vintage cars parked in front of the white gate, a 1958's Chevrolet Impala convertible and a late thirties Ford- and, yes, they 're both PINK! (different shades, though).
Thanks to you, i now know: it has to be Ms Albatrossa's villa :-)

Nicolas dijo...

thanks for the comment you wrote on my blog! your work is a great source of inspiration for me... (I come to your blog everyday!) so it's a great honor to know that you've visited mine, sir! thanks!!!

...and sorry for my english :)

pandave dijo...

Oh that is so awesome Dodo! It's like two worlds overlapping in a mindblowing explosion of Pink Art.

My word verification: FLUFF

Férguson Calviño dijo...

Baudelaire cantó un albatros.

Muy bueno, Grillo!!!

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Y Samuel Taylor Coleridge en su "Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner"