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June (Southern hemisphere)

Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra
June in January (1935)
Decca 441

Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra: Albert Snaer, Sylvester Lewis, Ovie Alston (tp) Fernando Arbello, Fred Norman (tb) Edmond Hall (as,bar,cl) Gene Johnson (as,cl) Bobby Sands (ts) Claude Hopkins (p) Walter Jones (g) Henry Turner (b) Pete Jacobs (d) Orlando Roberson (vcl). New York, February 1, 1935

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Oscar Grillo dijo...

Edmund Hall in clarinet?!!!...It shows that Hopkins had a racially integrated band before Benny Goodman!..Great!!..Hopkins was one of the first in recording be-bop in the forties. He recorded "Night in Tunisia".

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Shit!..I just realised that Hopkins was black!...I was convinced he was white!

ed dijo...


ariel tenorio dijo...

otro feca pa mi!