domingo, junio 14, 2009

Café III

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2009

Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra
She's the daughter of a planet from Havanna (1937)
Decca 1353

Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra: Louis Armstrong (tp,vcl) Shelton Hemphill, Louis Bacon, Henry "Red" Allen (tp) George Matthews, George Washington, J.C. Higginbotham (tb) Pete Clark, Charlie Holmes (as) Albert Nicholas (ts,cl) Bingis Madison (ts) Luis Russell (p) Lee Blair (g) George "Pops" Foster (b) Paul Barbarin (d). New York, July 7, 1937

5 comentarios:

pandave dijo...

Young man, did I see you give my daughter the eye? Do you know who I am? At the very least, do you not see my most fine cigar?

Oscar Grillo dijo...

I am worried about that clenched fist, Pandilla!

Ellis Nadler dijo...

love the skeletal dudes outside

ariel tenorio dijo...

Ernesto, que no es lo mismo que el Nestor...

la china es un pais dijo...

es increible lo atractivo que es dibujar bares o situaciones en bares.
como siempre muy bueno don grillo