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El enjuiciamiento a París

Buster Bailey and his Sextet
April In Paris (1940)
Varsity 8337

Buster Bailey and his Sextet: Charlie Shavers (tp) Buster Bailey (cl) Russell Procope (as) Billy Kyle (p) John Kirby (b) O'Neil Spencer (d). New York, May 1940

4 comentarios:

piero dijo...

la percanta con axila a la francesa,que bife!

Oscar Grillo dijo...

Mimi Pinson.

Jazzrealities dijo...

Of course this is not Benny Bailey but Buster Bailey. If you won't mind please make a correction.

El editor dijo...

You´re right Jazzrealities! Cut & paste plus small distractions would cause these errors. And the original error was in Walter Bruyninckx ´s discography. Fixed and thank you very much for the warning… and the visiting!