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La Fleur du Mal

Woman, Window and Flower

© Copyright Oscar Grillo 2008

The Three Flames
Open the door, Richard (1947)
Columbia 37268

The Three Flames: Unknown p, Richard "Tiger" Haynes (vcl,g) unknown b. New York, January 14, 1947

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javoc dijo...

Muy bello dibujo oscar. me gusto mucho la pose de la minusa. Saludos.

El polaco scalerandi dijo...

que bueno el laburo de kind of jazz
muy bueno maestro
el polaco

ed dijo...

te paso algunos otros enriqucedores también:

Kali Fontecchio said...
Those were fun to watch- but holy crap when we heard those new voices I got so angry!!! Why would they do such a thing???

I like Bullwinkle lookin' all crazy and different in each shot- keeps you on yer toes haha...

7:35 PM

Brian O. said...
"I love the odd proportions-the tiny hands compared to the giant head. Great designers use strong contrasts in their shapes and sizes."

Boy, you must really love Chester Gould then!

8:01 PM

Gavin Freitas said...
I never thought you would bring up Rocky & Bullwinkle John. Jay Ward didn't like the first couple of episodes due to his animators in Mexico didn't have the hang of the characters yet but I couldent agree with you more about the first season. The designs were great! Unfortunitly, Classic Media who put this out I heard are a bunch of cheap bastards and I also have nothing good to say about Tiffany Ward either. The over-dubs and title changes were probably her idea. I did like the animation for the movie in 2000 but the movie plot was horrible but that's another topic. Thanks for bringing this topic up....

8:06 PM

Kris said...
They changed the voices? :(

I really love how cute Rocky is in those screenshots.

8:08 PM

Blammo said...
Al Shean had a quiet hand on this stuff.
Top notch Designer who worked for everybody and yet he remains pretty unknown today.


8:14 PM

The Butcher said...
Could you elaborate more on the UPA closed eye theory?

8:29 PM

PCUnfunny said...
Kali: New Voices ?

"Jay Ward didn't like the first couple of episodes due to his animators in Mexico didn't have the hang of the characters yet but I couldent agree with you more about the first season."

Wow, this is just like Matt Groening with The Simpsons. He hated the Ullman shorts and the early seasons. Both men never saw the the cartoony fun of the early counterparts of their creations.

9:19 PM

PCUnfunny said...
Kali: Never mind, I read the whole article.

9:21 PM

David Germain said...
I believe it was during this season that Jay Ward and Bill Scott outsourced the animation to Mexico (the first outsourcing ever done in the industry but sadly not the last). Jay and Bill hated doing that because they felt that the end result had too many mistakes so they were always going back and forth across the border reworking everything. I think the thick itchy lines were most likely done by a poor Mexican artist who had never worked in cartoons before.

I've gotta say, Mr K. this post caught me by surprise. I thought you were unimpressed by Jay Ward's entire output.

9:35 PM

Raff said...
Very UPA-influenced.

If you think about it, it's amazing how influential UPA has been considering that their work left so much to be desired. Ironically, that could be part of the reason why they were so influential.

UPA were on to something, and others must have been itching to do it better themselves.

10:21 PM

Annie-Mae said...
This is one post I totally agree with you. I love these screen caps you showed here, they're hilarious. Rocky and Bullwinkle is a "dad's" cartoon because I wouldn't know of them if my dad didn't rent them for me to watch them, and I loved it. This is one UPA cartoon where I can watch and look past how cheeply it was made because each phrame has so much character in them, I'm getting a peice of artwork with each scene.
Thanks for sharing, I'm saddened that the VAs were changed at all. I might pick it up to give to my dad for his b-day (if he had a dvd player).

10:24 PM

Taber said...
Yes! Those poses are amazing, and so much fun!

viruta dijo...

más que la maldita flor, inquieta el tipito que anda de escabushi

y como ya no tengo ganas de quedarme atragantada, te digo y redigo:

por qué será tanta tu ausencia en mi miloga...

bu bu bu

Carlos Autieri dijo...



increible la lechuza grillo!
saludos, jj